Framery World Conference 2017


Framery World Conference 2017

The first Framery World Conference was held in 2017 and it was an immediate success among the guests. The guest list consisted of our precious network of skilled professionals, clients and friends. Updating the idea of what can be conveyed at such an event, the concept behind FWC ’17 was to tell the story of Framery during a two-day event in Tampere, Finland, and to leave a permanent imprint of what we are and where we’re from. AND, of course, to have a fantastic time among peers!



Premier presentations of our captivating keynote speakers are available for download here.

Caroline Quick

Vice President at T3 Advisors

Mirkku Kullberg

Creative Director at Hotel St. George

Mikko Kuitunen

Founder, a Passionate Mascot and VP of Development at Vincit

Samu Hällfors

Founder and COO at Framery

Doug Wittnebel

Design Director in Gensler’s Oakland office, Principal

Doug Wittnebel sends his greetings to our Framery World Conference participants through this drawing, since his presentation is unfortunately unpublishable due to a confidentiality agreement with Gensler.




Day 1


Day 2


Day 3